Checkbook's integration with QuickBooks Online lets you send digital Checks directly to any vendor without leaving QuickBooks!

Payments are sent to the email registered under your Vendor's profile, and can be paid either using a Check or a Bill Payment from QuickBooks Online.

To integrate Checkbook with QuickBooks Online:

  1. Get the Checkbook App on QuickBooks App Store. Authorize the Checkbook App when prompted, and you will be automatically redirected to your Checkbook dashboard. 
  2. Add and Verify your bank account on Checkbook (By either clicking the "complete profile" button or going to Settings and "Add/Update a bank account")

To Check that integration is successfully complete - go to Settings on your Checkbook profile, and scroll down to find an Integrations section. If successfully integrated, you will see a "Disconnect" button. This link can be used at a future point to disconnect, if you no longer want to send digital Checks from Quickbooks Online. 

If you are still facing issues with integration, simply chat with us LIVE during business hours, or write to us at

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