Any Sender wanting to send and receive Digital Checks through Quickbooks MUST have a Checkbook account. 

Click here to create your Checkbook account if you don't already have one.

Step #1:

Sign up for a Quickbooks account


Sign in to your existing Quickbooks account. 

Step #2:

Download Checkbook's Quickbooks Integration, using the link here.

Checkbook bills you $9.95 per month to use this premium feature.  

Step #3:

Login to Checkbook and ensure that Checkbook's Lockbox feature has been enabled for your Quickbooks integration. 

Click here for steps on enabling the Lockbox feature. 

Step #4:

Create invoices on Quickbooks using the following instructions

These invoices will be sent to "Lockbox" on your Checkbook Dashboard (as long as the Lockbox feature has been enabled) for final approval. They will be stored as Digital Checks in the Lockbox. 

Step #5:

Log in to your Checkbook account and enter "Lockbox" through the Checkbook Dashboard. 

Step #6:

Click here for instructions on how to approve the Digital Checks waiting in Lockbox. 

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