A Recipient may send an invoice to any person who has a Checkbook account. 

Step #1:

Click "Request a Check" on the top left-hand corner of the page.

Step #2:

Use the prompt above to fill in the required information about the Sender of Funds

"Payor" is the person you are requesting funds from. 

Note: Be mindful to use the 'Payor Email' that is associated with the Checkbook account of the Sender of Funds.

Step #3: (optional)

Depending on your invoicing situation, you may choose to use any of our additional features. 

"Attachment" - You may click on "Choose File" to attach a PDF document (i.e. receipt etc.) with your request when applicable

"Recurring" - This will ensure that, henceforth, you receive a payment of the exact same amount from the same person at the chosen frequency.

Step #4:

Once you've double checked and made sure that all the information is accurate, click "Send Invoice"

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