Step #1:

Click on "Download the CSV template" to download a file with the PRE-EXISTING columns that need to be filled out. 

Step #2:

Fill in the PRE-EXISTING columns with relevant information specific to the checks that the Sender wants to create. 


  1. Limit number of rows to 1000 per CSV

  2. Do NOT delete the Header in Row 1 with Column Names

Step #3:

When the CSV file is ready for upload, click "Choose File"

Step #4: (optional)

Select "Send to Lockbox" if desired.

"Send to Lockbox" - Lockbox is Checkbook's approval system; it allows users to double check the payments they are making. By sending a Digital Check to Lockbox, the user will be able to take an additional look at the check at a later date before finalizing the payment.

Step #5:

Under 'Source bank account', use the drop-down menu to choose the bank account that you would like the funds to be taken from. 

Unless changed, 'Source bank account' will automatically be set to the default bank account. 

Step #6:

Once, all the other steps have been successfully completed, click "Send Checks"

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