When a payment is created and submitted for approval, it is sent to "Lockbox" a Checkbook service designed to provide an additional step of approval for payments being made.

When making individual or a batch of payments, to mark the payments as requiring approval, look for a toggle button labeled 'Submit for approval'. It will look like this:

For the user who will be approving the payments, you will need to do the following:

Step #1:

When in 'Lockbox', you shall see all the Digital Checks that are sitting with their status at "UNPAID". 

Step #2:

Select the specific checks (using the first column) that you like to make a decision about. 

Step #3:

Once a selection has been made, click "Approve Payment" or "Remove" based on the action you want to take on the chosen ones. 

Clicking "Approve Payment" will send the Digital Check to the recipient and initiate payment
Clicking "Remove" will delete the Digital Check that was created

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