Using the 'Send a Payment' option on the Checkbook Dashboard allows a user to send one check at a time

Step #1:

Click "Send a Payment" on the top left-hand corner of the page. 

Step #2:

Use the prompt above to fill in the required information about the Recipient

"Payee" is the recipient of the Digital Check you are sending. 

Step #3: (optional)

Depending on your payment situation, you may choose to use any of our additional features. 

"Recurring" - This will ensure that, henceforth, a payment of the exact same amount is made to the same person (on the same email address) at the chosen frequency.

"Send to Lockbox" - Lockbox is Checkbook's approval system; it allows users to double check the payments they are making. By sending a Digital Payment to Lockbox, the user will be able to take an additional look at the payment at a later date before finalizing the payment. 

Step #4:

Under 'Source bank account", use the drop-down menu to choose the bank account that you would like the funds to be taken from. 

Since a user can have multiple bank accounts linked to their Checkbook account, they may choose which one to make the payment in question from. Typically, the 'Source bank account' will automatically be set to the default bank account. 

Step #5:

"Attach PDF File" - You may click on "Attach PDF File" to attach a PDF document (i.e. receipt etc.) with your payment when applicable

Click "Direct Deposit" OR "Send Payment" based on your preferred method of check delivery. 

If choosing "Direct Deposit", click here.
If choosing "Send Payment", the recipient will receive the Digital Check at their email address and will be able to choose their preferred deposit method. Additional information may be found here

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