To deposit a payment, follow these steps:

Step #1:

Locate the email sent to you regarding the payment. It should look similar to this:

Click “View deposit options”

Step #2:

When you see this window (it should open in a new tab in your internet browser), click “Deposit” in the Direct Deposit section.

Step #3:

If you are individual receiving funds into a personal bank account, please click “Individual”

Step #4:

You will be prompted to receive a verification code on your mobile phone via Text Message or Phone Call. Please fill you mobile phone number correctly in the box and click the ‘Text Message’ or ‘Phone Call’ button depending on your preferred method. 

Step #5:

Once you’ve entered the verification code received, you need to add the information for the bank account you would like the funds deposited in. 

If you opt for the Instant Verification of you Bank Account, click here
If you opt for the Manual Verification of you Bank Account, click here

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