If you’re receiving a ‘Digital Check’ for the first time via, congratulations, you’re privy to one of Checkbook’s best features. 

To deposit, adhere to the following steps:

Step #1:

In the email you received, click “View deposit options”:

Step #2:

When you see this window, click “Print and Deposit”

Step #3:

Open ‘Downloads’ on your computer and find the PDF image of the ‘Digital Check’ that was generated. 

Step #4:

Print the PDF on legal printing paper. You can print at home with normal printer ink. 

Step #5:

Sign the check where indicated to do so.

Step #6:

Carefully cut the outline of the check.

Step #7:

Take an image of the front and the back of the check and upload that on the mobile app associated with your bank. 

‘Digital Checks’ are optimized for mobile deposit, hence we highly recommend using this route. You may take the printed check to your bank teller and they are legally obligated to accept it, but the lack of familiarity with this revolutionary concept may deter bank tellers from accepting your check with ease. 

For alternative deposit methods, click here

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