The status of your check is visible under "Payment Status" column on your dashboard:

  • "UNPAID" - recipient has not accepted the check (Did not choose deposit method on email)
  • "IN-PROCESS" - Recipient has accepted payment, and money is being transferred
  • "VOID" - Digital Check has been cancelled, there were no transactions
  • "PAID" or "Funds released on" - Check has processed successfully, funds released to recipient on given date
  • "PRINTED" - Digital Check has been Printed and hence converted to a paper Check
  • "MAILED" - Digital Check has been converted to paper Checks and sent by physical mail
  • "EXPIRED" - Digital Check has expired and cannot be cashed i.e. Deposited Online
  • "FAILED" - Digital Check has failed to clear i.e. if could be NSF (Non Sufficient Funds ) or another reason that the Check failed to clear
  • "REFUNDED" - Digital Check was debited from the Payor's bank account but subsequently not credited to the Payee's account and instead refunded to the Payor's bank account
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