Banks can either be verified instantly (using online banking username and password) or manually (using account and routing number) on Checkbook. If you are adding a bank for the first time on Checkbook, you will be prompted to "complete your profile" thorough a banner notification. You can click on it to start the process, or simply go to the Settings page and click "Add/Update Bank account".


Instant Verification

You can verify your bank instantly if you have an account with one of our supported banks. To check if your bank is supported for instant verification, simply start typing the name of your bank in our instant verification form. If your bank is found, select it and proceed.


Enter your online banking Username and Password, and choose choose your Checking / Savings account you want to use. Our system will verify your bank instantly and securely. Once your bank has been verified, you are all set to send and receive checks!

Manual Verification Using Micro-Deposits:

Manual Verification takes 1 business day to complete. If your bank is not supported for instant verification - select manual verification and enter your account and routing number.

We will deposit 3 micro-deposits (2 Credits and 1 Debit ) of random amounts (all under $1.00) to your bank account next business day. You simply have to take note of these numbers and enter them in the micro-deposit verification form. The micro-deposit verification form will already be in your email, sent automatically when you entered your account credentials. Simply search your inbox for emails from if you're having trouble finding it. Alternatively, when you log into Checkbook, you will see a link to verify micro-deposits on the home page through a banner notification.

Once you verify the amounts, you're all set to send digital Checks!


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