Although your integration is complete, if you notice a Check from QBO is not picked up by Checkbook's system, please make sure your Check meets these criteria. If you find you made a mistakes, simply cancel the Check and write a new one. 

  • Vendor that Check is written to has a valid email address saved on his profile. 
  • Vendor's email address is not the same email as sender of the Check. You can't send a Check to yourself through Checkbook. If you are testing the system, please visit
  • Check amount is within the Check limits of your account. By default, all new users have a Check limit of $2000/Check and $2000/day. If you would like higher limits, please write to
  • Date of the Check is the current date of sending. We currently do not support scheduling Checks ahead of time, it is a feature coming soon!
  • Create a check and mark it as ‘Print Later’. If you create a check and mark it as ‘Print Later’ after some time, the check may not be picked up by Checkbook.

If you're still facing issues, simply start a Chat with a member of our team, or write to us at

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