You can deposit and cash your Digital Check using alternate methods other than "Deposit Online" 

  • Print the check and physically present it to a bank teller.
  • Print the check and deposit it at an ATM. 
  • Deposit your check via mobile deposit by choosing the "Mobile Deposit" option. Simply take a picture of the check on your screen with a pink background.

Your printed check is still a valid check despite printing it at home. Specifically FDIC says:  "A substitute check is a high-quality paper reproduction of both sides of the original check. A substitute check is a legal equivalent of the original check."

Keep in mind that once you print the check - it can no longer be deposited online. 

Each country has its own laws governing paper Checks. In the United States,definitions and regulations concerning paper Checks are covered by UCC (Uniform Commercial Code). Multiple entities under auspices of Federal Reserve definesubstitute paper Check specifications.

If you are in a country other than United States please consult the banking regulations pertaining to paper Checks in your own country.


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