Instant Verification

You can verify your bank instantly if you have an account with one of our partnered banks. Start typing the name on your bank to find it through a drop down menu.

Enter your online banking Username and Password, our system will verify your bank instantly and securely.

Once your bank has been verified, you are all set to send and receive checks!

Manual Verification

If you are not comfortable entering your online banking Username and Password, or if your bank is not listed, use manual verification instead. Simply enter your Routing and Account number.

The funds are on their way!

This verification only allows you to receive Checks. To help you send Checks, Checkbook will send you an email about manual verification and deposit 3 transactions into your bank the next business day.

These amounts are all under $1 consisting of 2 credits and 1 debit. Simply take note of these amounts and enter them in the "Verify My Bank" link in email. Your verification will be complete. 

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