eChecks or e-checks have traditionally been a way to do ACH payments, by truncating the Routing Number and Account Number from a paper Check and initiating an ACH transaction

Digital Checks are Digital representations of paper Checks and can be settled using the Check21 or ACH network. Digital Checks can provide digital images of a cashed check in your bank account statement which eChecks don't

Specifically these are the main differences between eChecks and Digital Checks:

Instant Bank Verification: 

eChecks don't have the option of verifying your bank instantly to get set up. allows you to instantly verify your bank using your online banking username & password. eCheck users must go through the manual process of providing a routing and account number and using time consuming trial deposits.

Send Payments With Just An Email:

To send an eCheck, you must also know the Routing Number & Account number of your recipient in other words you cannot simply "email" a payment. This is sensitive information and hard to collect and store securely. can send a check to anyone with just an email - the recipient will verify their bank account and will retrieve Routing and Account number(s) and store them in tokenized format. This means more security for you and for them.

More Reliability and Security For Your Funds:

When users instantly verify their bank with, our system makes sure that there are enough funds to cover the check amount. eChecks are not capable of this. This adds an additional layer of reliability and security for your payments. 

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