You dream of faster payments & makes your dreams come true!

Checkbook is a payments processor that invented the “Digital Check” to replace Paper Checks and eChecks. 

Checkbook aims to make the payments process completely digital, thereby, hastening the process, making it more economical and obliterating fraud. It adds an element of convenience on the sides of both the sender of funds and the receiver of funds. 

A sender can use our platform to generate the image of a valid check so long as they have the Full Name and Email Address of the recipient. The ‘Digital Check’ that is generated will be emailed to the recipient within seconds. The sender may also avail of Checkbook’s “Send Multiple Checks” option when wanting to pay a group of people with just one click. This system would allow the sender to upload a CSV file listing all recipients and pay them in one go. 

The recipient enjoys choices in how they would like to exercise the ‘Digital Check’ they received.

The first option is Checkbook’s 'Deposit Instantly' wherein the recipient can enter their debit card information when prompted to do so and the funds will be in their checking account within 18 seconds.

The second option is Checkbook’s 'Deposit Check Online' wherein the recipient can initiate an ACH transfer by logging into their bank account when prompted to do so. The funds will be deposited to a verified account in 2-3 business days.

The third option is 'Print & Deposit' wherein the recipient can download the PDF version of the ‘Digital Check’ we sent them and print that out on normal letter paper (no magnetic ink needed) and mobile deposit the funds to their bank account. 

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