Welcome to Digital Checks!

Your customer or vendor would like you to experience the simplicity and convenience of our Digital Checks and this guide will help you set up.

It’s super easy!

STEP 1 - Your customer or vendor will email you a Digital Check. You will want to give your customer or vendor an email address that you can use for all incoming Digital Checks, and not just for this one customer or vendor. This email address is your identity for ALL Digital Checks and will be linked to your bank account. You can later change the email address but you will probably want to choose well from the start.

STEP 2 - Open your customer’s or vendor’s email, check the details on the check, and then either ‘Deposit Online’ or ‘Print Check’. Yes, you can print the check on your office printer and then deposit it like a traditional paper check BUT we strongly encourage you to save money and some trees, be more efficient, and ‘go digital’! It only takes 60 seconds for a ONE-TIME verification and after this EVERY future Digital Check is AUTOMATICALLY deposited into your account! Do you really want to keep printing? Really?

STEP 3 - Great - you’ve selected ‘Deposit Online’! You have two options now: You either go with ‘instant verification’ or ‘manual verification’. You definitely want to go with ‘instant verification’ to save time and get funds faster. For instant verification you first select your bank in the drop-down list and then enter your bank credentials. Finally, pick the bank account you want funds to be deposited in. That’s it!

Now here’s the important thing: WE DO NOT STORE YOUR CREDENTIALS!!! We only whisk them over to your bank to confirm your identity. That’s it. Nothing more than that. And you don’t ever have to enter them again. Really! We promise!

Also, after you’ve verified your identity you can sign up for a Checkbook account but YOU DON’T HAVE TO. You can send and receive Digital Checks WITHOUT a Checkbook account.

If your bank isn’t listed in the drop-down list then you need to follow the ‘manual verification’ option, which is a micro-deposit approach you’re probably already familiar with. You enter your bank account and routing numbers and we then deposit two very small amounts into your bank account. Check your bank account in about 24 hours and return to Checkbook to enter those amounts. You’re now verified FOREVER and funds are sent your way.

It takes about 3 business days for funds to arrive - sometimes less. And remember that all future Digital Checks deposit AUTOMATICALLY! You will still get the Digital Check by email, but you don’t need to do anything.

That’s it - super easy! Enjoy the great new world of Digital Checks!

Contact support@checkbook.io if you need any help!

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